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Wide planks of Cured Wood Many times stronger

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Bjelin’s wide planks are manufactured with a patented technology to cure wood and make it stronger. It’s an innovative wooden floor with a genuine wooden feel that is several times stronger than other wooden floors and utilises renewable raw materials in an optimal way.

A wooden feeling in every style

Nature’s richness in variety offers endless possibilities for creating beautiful floors. Discover a fantastic range of wooden floors in all colours and styles – from calm and elegant to vibrant and rustic.

Match the colour of your floor to the walls and textiles in your home, or completely break off the look of your floors against the rest of your interiors. Make your home more rustic with planks of wood where the natural structure of the wood has been brought to life.

Strong and sustainable

Woodura is the patented technology which makes it possible to reinforce wood and to use the entirety of the tree as raw material. This makes it sustainable for both you and the environment.

The wooden surface is pressed under high temperature on to a fibreboard that has been coated with a wood powder. The wooden surface is compressed and the wood powder penetrates the wooden surface from underneath. The result is a cured wood that is several times stronger and harder than normal wooden floors, whilst the appearance and feeling has been maintained. With Woodura® you will be decorating with the most beautiful parts of the wood and the rest is used to make the floors last longer.

Cured wood is a genuine hardwood floor which will get scratches. It is important that you take good care of your floor and follow existing advice for installation, care and maintenance.

Easy installation with thin floors

Normally, wide planks are also thick. The technique of hardening wood allows the floors to be made wide but still remain very thin at just 11 mm. Therefore, you won’t have to alter your doors or make any other costly changes to your home.

Click flooring for a perfect result
The locking system 5G makes it easier than ever to click together a floor. Do it yourself or minimize the project time when hiring a professional. To be installed freely, floating on top of the sub flooring without nailing or gluing it down.

Product composition

1. Hardwax oiled or matt lacquered natural wooden surface

2. Wood-based powder layer

3. High quality moisture resistant HDF-board

4. Balancing layer

Maximize floor space from every log

Cured Wood is also a sustainable way to utilize the raw wood material at the maximum. By using thin layers of wood instead of thick, solid, planks, a significantly larger amount of final product can be made from every cubic meter of wood.

Transform excess material into a new floor

Sawdust Filling material for Woodura and Nadura.

General and technical Information

Product thickness
11 mm

Width and length
223 x 2379 mm | 283 x 2379 mm | 210 x 2379 mm | 276 x 2379 mm

Products of cured wood shall be cleaned with Osmo- maintenance products.

Cutting Instructions
We recommend cutting tools with cemented carbide inserts when cutting the floorboards.

Floors of Cured Wood are suitable for almost all rooms in homes or commercial areas that are exposed to normal wear (such as offices, waiting rooms or shops). Floors made from Cured Wood are not suitable for wet or damp rooms (eg. bathrooms or saunas).

The subfloor must be dry, even and firm. Uneveness larger than 3 millimeters per inbound meter and 2 millimeters per additional meter must be smoothed out. The installation instructions, which accompany the product, must be followed.

20 year warranty.

The products meets the requirements of EN 14342:2013.

A sustainable company

Our production is based on simple, yet wise, principles which ensures the sustainability of our business:

  • We maximise the use of all raw material and every log. With our production systems, we can calculate the perfect way to cut the log in order to get the various sizes and shapes. Any wood that cannot be used as a surface layer for a product, is used as filling material. Nothing goes to waste.

  • Any leftover material in the production can be recycled and turned into filling material in new floorings. Thus, minimising the amount of waste whilst the amount of flooring per cubic metre of raw material is maximised.

  • We collect our raw material from responsibly managed forests where the wood is processed locally. This means that transports will be shorter and ensures local job opportunities.

Wood harvested in sustainably managed forests
The timber for the cured wooden floors comes from forests that have been managed and cared for in a sustainable manner based on a very strict ecological, social and economic framework.

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