Tiles in Ceramic Composite

A new revolutionary composite flooring for floating installation

When was the last time you discovered something truly new in the world of flooring?

For a very long time, conventional ceramic tiles have been used as flooring material, mainly due to its attractive design and high wear resistance.

However, ceramic tiles are cold to the touch, difficult to install and may crack if a heavy object is dropped on the floor.

Bjelin’s new tiles, based on the new Nadura material, invented and patented by our sister company Välinge Innovation AB, eliminates all such disadvantages.

Bjelin Ceramic Composite Tiles are extremely easy to install, as warm as wood and stronger than ceramic tiles.

What is Nadura?

Nadura is a powder mix, consisting of wood fibrers, binders, ceramic particles and colour pigments, which is cured under high temperature and high pressure.

Nadura is formed into thin layers that are fused to a core material. The main advantage is that only the upper part of the floor, which is exposed to wear and impact, has a strong ceramic-like material.

All Bjelin Ceramic Composite Tiles have an advanced Välinge 2G/5G locking system. This allows for easy and floating installations of large floor areas without using expansion joints.

Extremely tough floors

With its patented solid surface, Ceramic Composite Tiles provides wear and impact resistance that is superior to traditional floors.

Robust and everlasting, these floors are made to withstand daily to extreme situations.

With its strength and versatility, Ceramic Composite Tiles is a viable alternative to other flooring types such as ceramic, stone and porcelain, especially as it offers greater installation convenience.

Product build-up

1. Nadura solid surface

2. High quality moisture resistant HDF-board

3. Balancing powder backing

Environmentally friendly high-quality production

Bjelin's Ceramic Composite floors are produced by Välinge Innovation AB in new advanced state- of-the-art factories in Viken, Sweden. This guarantees a high quality since we have control of all the production steps from powder production to pressing and profiling.

The production is very environmentally friendly. Wood particles from production are recycled and used in powder production. The energy consumption is low since the Nadura surface layer is formed during a much shorter time and under much lower temperature than what is needed in conventional ceramic tile production.