Bjelin gives the floor to Joyn Studio who inspires with art from The Ode To

Bjelin Stockholm Design Week 2021 #TheFloorIsYours
2021-02-08 | pressrelease

The renowned interior architects from Joyn Studio have created a room-box for carefully selected objects of art from The Ode To, playfully framed in a classic herringbone pattern. Welcome to an inspirational exhibition in the showroom of flooring company Bjelin, Sibyllegatan 38 in Stockholm during Stockholm Design Week 2021.

The artists’ works, curated by The Ode To, is the focal point of the exhibition which literally rests on Bjelin’s wide planks of light ash wood, framed by herringbone patterned units.

- In collaboration with Bjelin we have curated a selection of contemporary pieces that are pushing the boundaries of today's art scene. By either expression, technique or material they all bring something new to the floor. Here displayed in Bjelins exhibition #TheFloorIsYours.

- The Ode To presents a thoughtfully curated selection of original artworks by exceptional artists. All handmade, all one-of-a-kind, all affordably-priced, says Anna Lukins & Helena Carlberg, founders of The Ode To.

The objects of art comes from artists; Fanny Bylund, Caroline Harrius, Sofi Gunnstedt, Fanny Ollas, Erika Kristofersson Bredberg, Maria Lenskjöld, LACC, Joakim Nyström, Lisa Ericson, Emeli Höcks, Polymorf
and can be observed from street level at Sibyllegatan 38.

The floor on which the exhibition rests: Bjelin’s ash wood floors are the latest addition to the collection of hardened wood and the surface layer is three times harder compared to standard parquet flooring, making it virtually maintenance free.

Bjelin’s hardened floor meets the environmental requirements with good margin by adopting innovative technologies and resource efficient manufacturing. Sawdust and wood waste becomes wood powder and is used in the production of new flooring. Wooden floors are inherently sustainable and an eco friendly material since wood binds carbon dioxide and thus lowers the levels of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

The exhibition is part of Bjelin’s #TheFloorIsYours spirit. Starting with Stockholm Design Week 2021, Bjelin will donate beautiful wooden floors to creators, entrepreneurs and artists that want to create meeting places, stages, exhibitions, and activities, where sustainable design is promoted. The offer is good for all of 2021.

– Please contact us about sustainable design worthy of promoting says Tomas Klinta, Creative Director at Bjelin. The only condition is that the flooring we donate must be recycled and not discarded.

Find out more here and give us a tip about sustainable design that deserves backing on Bjelin’s floor at #TheFloorIsYours https://www.bjelin.se/thefloorisyours

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