This year’s flooring innovation at Stockholm Design Week 2021 - wide planks in light cured ash from Bjelin

Cured Ash flooring - Bjelin Stockholm Design Week 2021 #TheFloorIsYours
2021-02-10 | pressrelease

Bjelin’s ash wooden floors are the latest addition to the collection of cured wood. The wood surface is pressed under high temperature in order to become durable. The matte lacquer protects the wooden surface against stains, making the floor virtually maintenance free while upholding the warm feeling of a wooden floor.

"Our cured wooden floors have fast become a bestseller, says Johan Larsson, sales- and marketing director at Bjelin. Our latest innovation, cured flooring is as groundbreaking as the three-layer parquet was when introduced in the 1940s. We can see a similar shift now with our new category of affordable and sustainable cured wooden floors."

Bjelin’s cured wooden floors are durable and meet the highest quality- and environmental standards. With the new technology, more flooring surface is produced from each tree. The fully automated manufacturing process is resource-efficient and any leftover wood waste is ground to a powder used to produce new flooring. Bjelin also always employs the latest klick flooring technology without using any adhesives.

The cured wood technology is developed by Bjelin’s sister company Välinge Innovation and the floors are produced in a state of the art facility in Viken, a small community in southern Sweden.

In order to meet the increased demand of cured wooden floors, Bjelin is now constructing another flooring factory in Ogulin in Croatia. The Ogulin 2 plant will be the world’s largest flooring factory when it opens in 2027.

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Ellinor Persson

Ellinor Persson

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