Bjelin first to market with its cured wooden flooring in wide patterned herringbone

The classic herringbone patterned oak strips have been scaled up to fit larger surfaces.
2021-04-13 | pressrelease

Flooring innovators Bjelin introduces a world unique flooring innovation. The classic herringbone patterned oak strips have been scaled up to fit larger surfaces. The 5G click lock has been fitted to the flooring strips in the new format of 96 x 576 mm for a quick and simple installation while the patented woodura technology, marketed as cured wood, guarantees its durability. The new product will launch in Sweden  as well as globally.

 – We are very proud of our latest product development which combines Bjelins best technologies. We can now, as the first flooring company in the world, offer the immensely popular cured wood herringbone pattern for our customers in the new larger dimension, says Zoran Mihajlovic, CEO, Bjelin Sweden AB

Bjelins product development is the result of a very strong demand in herringbone patterned wooden flooring which is more durable and moisture resistant than conventional parquet flooring and could therefore be installed in high traffic and high wear & tear environments such as kitchens, restaurants and active homes.  Herringbone wooden flooring fits every kind of interior decorating style. The flooring is suitable for traditional environments as well as harmonizing with the current trend of minimalistic and contemporary spaces.

Bjelin cured wooden flooring is an eco-friendly choice since the raw material is locally produced and comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council ) -certified forests. Trees are a renewable resource, they are however not inexhaustible. Bjelin has a unique process which produces more flooring surface per oak tree than a regular veneer floor since supply of highly qualitative oak is limited. 

The surface layer in Bjelins cured wooden flooring is made extra strong and durable through its patented curing process under the name Woodura® (durable wood) and has been developed by Bjelins sister company Välinge Innovation. All Bjelin flooring uses the latest adhesive free click flooring technology 5G®, also patented by Välinge Innovation.

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