Prettypegs and Bjelin challenge home improvers

Bench by Ida Hansson from Nordic Remake made out of leftover planks from the floor "Gullarp" in hardened ash and legs "Bertil 300" from Prettypegs.
2021-05-14 | pressrelease

Prettypegs makes accessories which add new designs to basic furniture. Bjelin sells beautiful sustainable wooden flooring from different types of wood and designs. Together, they inspire home improvers to make something new of leftover planks in the new challenge #PrettyBjelinDIY on social media.

Through its high degree of green innovation, Bjelin has an eco-friendly, modern and effective production where every part of the wooden raw material is used. Wood chips and sawdust are processed to a powder used for manufacturing new flooring under high pressure, with almost no waste. The aim of #PrettyBjelinDIY is to apply the manufacturing process to the installation, and utilize every plank and board in that process as well.

Inspiration to the challenge comes from designer Ida Hansson at Nordic Remake who did a wooden bench of leftover planks and waste from a Bjelin hardened ash floor she had just installed in her Umeå studio. Watch the video here...

By using Prettypegs handles, knobs or legs, old furniture gets a new life. Many update their IKEA-furniture with new details from Prettypegs when they remodel their homes, adding extra years to the furniture’s lifespan.

– 20 million metric tons of furniture are thrown away each year in Europe and the US, our primary markets, says Jana Cagin, one of Prettypegs founders. It’s an enormous waste of resources which we want to counter and Prettypegs is our contribution to the cause. Now we want, together with Bjelin, inspire handy and creative home improvers to make something new of the leftovers from the flooring installation.

In support of the challenge, participants gets the discount code PrettyBjelin15 for Prettypegs’ webshop to buy legs, handles and knobs. If you lack the materials necessary, Bjelin can help you with leftover planks and material from other #PrettyBjelinDIY-projects. 

You join the challenge by posting an image of your “remake” in social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, and don’t forget to tag it with #PrettyBjelinDIY.

The best contribution receives a subscription on The New Era Magazine , a magazine about Scandinavian interior design, arts and crafts as well as a voucher for Prettypegs and Bjelins web shops. 

More about Prettypegs www.prettypegs.com  

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Ellinor Persson

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