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2020-04-04 | news

Bjelin is part of a Swedish family owned company group with operations in Sweden and Croatia. The founders of Bjelin invented the world’s first laminate flooring products during their time at Perstorp in the late 1970s. After founding Bjelin, they went on to introduce the innovative click flooring technology in the mid 90s. Bjelin owns the production chain from the innovation & design stage to the finished product, which is unusual in the industry. The group hence controls the sustainability aspect in all steps of the process - from forests to flooring.

In cooperation with the Croatian government, Bjelin nurture, harvest and administers forests in Bjelovar and Ogulin in the region of Slavonia, where the wood grows close to sawmills and flooring plants. Thanks to responsible state oversight of the areas, the beautiful ancient forests have avoided deforestation which has afflicted other European countries.

- At Bjelin, we are proud of the trust put in us to use and manage the forests in Slavonia which is of national pride for Croatia, says Zoran Mihajlovic, Managing Director, Bjelin Sweden AB.

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