Reinventing the flooring market

Bjelin’s vision is to become the world’s largest and most sustainable flooring company
2020-01-03 | news

Bjelin, as one of the world's largest flooring producers has set a production target of 10 million square meters of flooring per year.

Using conventional production methods, an oak can yield approximately 40 square meters of traditional parquet flooring. With Bjelin’s Woodura-technology, the same oak yields 400 square meters of cured wood.

In addition, less waste is created with Bjelin’s process. In traditional parquet manufacturing, 65% of the raw material is used for parquet flooring while the rest is used as fuel. Bjelin’s technology for producing cured wood utilizes the waste for filling material for ceramic composite and cured wood. The minimal amount of residue still left is turned into pellets which heats the factories.

Fast facts

  • Number of employees: 1 000
  • Sales: 1,3 billion SEK
  • Corporate Headquarters: Viken, Skåne (southern part of Sweden)

Press contact

Ellinor Persson

Ellinor Persson

Head of Marketing

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