Bjelin strengthens Danish sales team - Peter Bøje Olsen will focus on the project market

Flooring manufacturer Bjelin builds on the continuous growth in the Danish market and expands its sales team with the new Key Account Manager Peter Bøje Olsen who has extensive experience from the flooring industry.
2021-09-13 | news

Swedish flooring manufacturer Bjelin builds on the continuous growth in the Danish market and expands its sales team with new Key Account Manager Peter Bøje Olsen. Peter has extensive experience from the flooring industry and held similar positions at Tarkett, Rockfon and at Hørning Parkett before joining Bjelin.

The recruitment is part of Bjelins Projects Sales Strategy aimed at architects and professional clients and as Project Consultant/KAM, Peter will be a crucial part of establishing Bjelins product line in the danish project market.

“I am very happy to welcome Peter to Bjelin Denmark, he will bring professionalism and technical know-how, industry experience and a unique network of prospective clients and partners. Peter’s interest in our innovative flooring products as well as his general positive spirit will add to our international expansion and overall goal to become the world’s largest and most sustainable flooring company, says Country Manager at Bjelin Denmark, Henrik Ottesen.”

The success of Bjelins wooden flooring products is based on intelligent automated manufacturing and green innovation, where wood waste from the production of flooring is used for making new floors. In addition, the flooring products becomes extremely durable through Bjelins patented process where the surface layer is hardened under high temperature and pressure. The result is environmentally sound flooring of the highest possible quality at affordable prices.

“The demand for our hardened wooden adhesive free click-flooring is a major driver of Bjelins growth. Denmark is a modern market for our line of flooring products with a high degree of both environmentally and design conscious clients. We are building a strong organisation to service our customers in the best possible way, says CEO Johan Larsson, Bjelin Sweden.”

Together with sister company Välinge Innovation, who pioneered the invention of the click-flooring, Bjelin continues the development of the world leading technology which produces the highly demanded durable and eco-friendly flooring products. Bjelin moreover invests heavily in automated manufacturing of wooden flooring combined with green innovation, both in Sweden and in Croatia. Currently, Bjelin is in the process of building the world's largest flooring factory for wood floors in Croatia, expected to be online in 2023.

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