Record sales of hardened wooden floors

Bjelin showroom in Gothenburg
2022-04-11 | news

The new flooring category, hardened wooden flooring, quickly became a success in the market when it was launched by Bjelin just a few years ago. This popular flooring product is now breaking the sales record in the first quarter of the year. The demand for this extra durable and ECO-friendly wooden flooring is increasing and is consequently winning larger shares of the market.

The revolutionizing innovation – the patented Woodura®-technology that has been developed by sister company Välinge Innovation plays an important part in this business success. This new flooring technology makes it possible to produce more flooring from the raw material, the oaks, at the same time as the hardening process makes the floors extra strong and durable. These properties are highly appreciated by Bjelins customers.

“We are proud to be able to offer our customers a brand-new flooring category that is also ECO-friendly. The high sales figures and the increased demand of the hardened flooring products points to the future, says Darko Pervan CEO Pervanovo Invest AB, Bjelin's owner company.”

The total sales of Bjelins hardened wooden floorings are estimated to measure up to as much as one third of the total sale of wooden flooring in form av planks in Sweden, but if the demand continues to increase in the same way as before it may well reach up to forty procent. Bjelin sells its hardened wooden floorings in all the Nordic countries and in Croatia. In addition, the company group, also sells these floorings in the USA, France, Great Britain and in Asia but under the sister brand, Välinge Flooring.

Bjelins owner company Pervanovo Invest are increasing its investments in the production facilities in both Sweden and Croatia with the objective to meet the growing demand. In addition, the company group are increasing its investments to speed up the construction of a brand new factory that will be the world's largest wooden flooring factory when it is completed, in 2025. This new factory is being  constructed in Ogulin in Croatia, in the vicinity of the famous Spacva-forest, where the raw material for the oak floors are gathered. Parts of the factory will be taken into use as soon as possible and the actual production may be switched on already in 2024.

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