Herringbone parquet UPPSALA

3-layer parquet Oak Rustic Herringbone Natural oil White

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It has never been easier to install a herringbone parquet, or been any faster. Bjelin’s patented mechanical locking of the edges of the parquet strip makes the installation quick and easy. It is now possible to click together a herringbone parquet floor without having to use nails, glue or have to sand or lacquer it. 

Herringbone parquet with a short project time

The easy installation of Bjelin’s herringbone parquet allows the total project time it takes to install a ready-made herringbone parquet floor to be reduced to a minimum. Under favourable conditions, a herringbone parquet can be installed in less than a day. Installed and ready for you to move in!

With a short project time, you also reduce the disturbances and delays that may occur in related construction projects.

Herringbone parquet as click flooring

When a traditional herringbone parquet is installed it is glued or nailed into the underlying surface and then sanded 2-3 times before it can be surface treated. This process is complicated and demands great craftmanship. Thereby the cost of installing the floor is usually a substatial amont of the budget. With the innovative herringbone parquet from Bjelin, this cost is reduced to a minimum. By eliminating many of the labour-intensive steps such as gluing, nailing, grinding or surface treatment, the labouring cost can be kept down and result in a reasonable total cost for a herringbone parquet.

Herringbone parquet with a click

The development team behind Bjelin's oak parquet have been working intensely to create an oak parquet that can be installed floating, whilst trying to minimize the issue of doming, creaking and gaps between the strips. It is developed to withstand the stressors created by the variation in humidity throughout the seasons and the years. By installing the floor in separate strips, mechanically locked together, the natural movements in the wood is absorbed by the locking system - i.e. the gaps between the strips. The joint is normally 0,1mm upon installation and may increase and decrease thoughout the seasons.

Bjelin's Herringbone parquet is available in two assortments

Rustic contains knots, wood rays, some sapwood and colour variation. The planks have a greater depth and the wood character appears clearly.

Select is a purer and more homogenous sorting, which can be an advantage if you want to emphasize the pattern in the floor itself. No sapwood is permitted, colour variations may occur, very small knots and wood rays may be present. 

With the small format of 69 x 345 mm the parquet strip is very easy to handle. The oak parquet is particularly invented for a floating installation. Bjelins herringbone parquet can be sanded and refurbished.


A sustainable choice

Sustainability is at the core of Bjelin’s values. Our herringbone parquet is made from responsibly sourced FSC-certified European oak, and to ensure a long-lasting experience, it has been developed to withstand the stressors created by humidity variations. The floor can also be sanded and refurbished, and due to the floor locking system, there is an option to uninstall the panels and reuse elsewhere.

Easy installation

The 5G floor locking system is well-known for providing an easy, fast and reliable installation. No tools, glue or nails are needed – just click the pieces together. By installing the floor like this, with separate panels that are mechanically locked together, the natural movement in the wood is absorbed. This floor is invented for a floating installation, which minimises the issues of doming, creaking and gaps between the panels.

Short project time

The small format (69 x 345 mm) makes the panels easy to handle, and together with the easy installation, the floor can be installed in less than a day. This means a reduction in any potential disturbances. Since the floor locking system reduces labour-intensive steps, you also lower the cost of the installation.



Type of floor: 3-layer parquet
Type of wood: Oak
Grading: Rustic
Pattern: Herringbone
Surface finishing: Natural oil
Staining: White
Light/dark: Light
Core: HDF
Locking system: Välinge 5G®
Bevel: None


Thickness of wear layer: 2,6 mm
Length: 345 mm
Width: 69 mm
Thickness: 14,6 mm


Quantity in box: 38 pcs
m² / box: 0,9046 m²
Weight per box: 11 kg

Classification and safety

FSC: FSC Mix (SA-COC-006371)
SundaHus: Evaluated by SundaHus
CE Marked: Yes
Limited warranty: 20 years
Light Reflection Value (LRV): 38,
Svanen: No
Supports Underfloor Heating: Yes
Evaluated by SundaHus