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Bjelin offers a selection of varnishes for treatment for our untreated flooring products. Varnish is a transparent, hard, protective wood finishing layer that does not penetrate down into the wood like oil and hard wax oils. This creates good protection as long as the protective layer is intact. But if the layer is damaged to such extent that external elements as water and dirt can penetrate the top layer, the underlaying wood can get discoloured and damaged. This is also the reason why sanding normally is needed when there is time refinish hardwood floors treated with varnish.

Wood treatments containing oil, like wood oil or hard wax oil, still has some protective properties even when the wood is exposed. Varnishes have on the other hand a harder layer on top of the wood surface, compared to oils and hard wax oils. Varnishes can be applied over wood stains as a final step to achieve a protective layer with a certain glossiness. Even tough varnish normally is clear, some varnishes can be a combination of stain and varnish. Varnish finishes are usually glossy but can also have semi-gloss and mat gloss levels.