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To build a dream

When Shadi and Elvis from Hässleholm in Skåne were going to build their dream house, they decided on wide floor boards early on. Among all the choices of materials to be made in a new building, the choice of flooring was easy!

– It's always been our dream to have a dark brown wooden floor with a lot of character that has a genuine wood feel. It was (FOR REAL) love at first sight when we saw Bjelyn's floor for the first time. We fell in love with the TOLLARP floor that we chose to put in the kitchen, dining room and living room. We love the perfect dark brown shade, you can see the wood grain and the boards are so wide - it gives a great feeling in the house, says Shadi.

– When choosing flooring, we had a clear picture of what we were looking for aesthetically. But for us the price and the quality mattered even more. As the floor was to be laid in the kitchen, we needed to have a floor that can withstand wear, food spills and water splashes, without having to cost an arm and a leg. Bjelin's floor has everything, both appearance and quality at a good price.

The house, which the couple has designed themselves, is a 2-story New England style villa, with a "twist or two". The classic New England style is adhered to externally, but internally, Shadi and Elvis have made some interesting choices in material and design. The house has high ceilings, tall skirting boards, details in brass, stucco and various materials that blend in a unique but stylish way. The couple describes the interior style as a blissful blend that varies from classic turn of the century to stylish design to rustic elements of recycled wood and antique furniture and objects.

– When we started building the house, we started the Instagram account @villaeden19. Through Instagram we have received lots of inspiration for our house, both in terms of choice of materials, style and design but also clever and practical solutions. Pinterest is also a gold mine for inspiration, you can sit and scroll for hours, says Shadi.