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The old meets the new

The mix between a herringbone click parquet, manufactured with cutting edge technology, installed in an old beautiful building constructed in 1896 makes this apartment timeless.

This mix of old and new interior designs makes the space feel natural. The fact that many of the objects have been in the family's possesion for generations gives a touch of authenticity and history. This beautiful home is situated in Norway.

Mixing modern materials and furniture with old ones and matching bold color schemes with classic ceiling stucco makes this home an exciting experience. In keeping the old beautiful tile stove next to a modern open stove another interesting contrast is created. The floor is made of Bjelin's white oiled click herringbone parquet of rustic selection. The oak floor is a fantastic match for this apartment's every room och matches the stone benchtops in the kitchen in an elegent way. The impression the of the white pigmented parquet gives is one of a light and spacious flat.