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Cured wood at high altitude

At Växjö's highest located restaurant there is a Cured Wood floor from Bjelin. The interior architechts chose an extra wide and dark floor made of cured oak.

Guests of high-profile restaurants have high expectations these days. Food and drinks of the highest quality is not enough, the interior design and the buildings architechture have become more important than ever. Hotels, restaurants and other public spaces are in constant search for the little something that make them stand out from the competition.

Bjelin's Cured Wood floors give an oppurtunity to get the feeling of a home environment in public spaces since it is now possible to install a wooden floor even in spaces exposed to more wear and tear - something that has up until now been difficult. This brings now possibilities to design unique spaces to help stand out and strengthen an image or brand.

Floor: Bjelin Cured Wood, LERHAMN