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Terms and conditions

Administrative fees (incl. VAT)
Credit card - No fees
Invoice - (pro-forma only) : € 4.63

Business customers
Credit card or invoice : No fees

Delivery cost
Free deliveries within Sweden

Deliveries outside Sweden
Please contact Bjelin at [email protected]

Payment conditions
We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express or invoice as a payment method. When you pay by card, money is debited from your account immediately once the order has been placed. If you’re paying by invoice, the invoice will be sent separately from the delivery. Payment by invoice must reach Bjelin within 14 business days. Business accounts have 30-day terms. When a customer wishes to pay by invoice we always undertake a credit check on the customer, unless a pro-forma has been chosen and issued instead. We reserve the right to refuse a purchase by invoice based on the information we receive in respect of a credit check. However there is always the opportunity to make a payment in advance i.e. a so-called pro-forma invoice.

On orders with a value of over 2,000 Euros, we reserve the right to request a partial payment in advance. For incorporated/limited companies who wish to pay by invoice, we also reserve the right to request a payment in advance on the first purchase.

Prices within the EU are inclusive of V.A.T. (but not shipping) except for companies with a valid V.A.T. number. Prices outside the EU do not include V.A.T., shipping or import duty.

Delivery times
Goods in stock are normally delivered within the EU within 1-7 working days. If we cannot ship a delivery within the agreed timescale then you will be informed of the delay and be given a new delivery time. As the customer, you have the right to cancel the order without any charge before it has shipped.

Method of delivery
The method of delivery is as agreed at the time of purchase.

Payment period
Private consumers 14 days, businesses 30 days net.

There is a 1 year guarantee and a 3 year period for claims.

Secure payments by card
Purchases by card are secure as all the information is encrypted by SSL. This is organised in cooperation with DIBS Payment Services AB. When paying by card, your card number is never made known to Bjelin. Your details (card number, CVC code number and dates of validity) are only held by DIBS's secure server. DIBS is Scandinavia’s leading independent supplier of payment solutions for trading on the Internet. Bjelin adheres to Swedish legislation governing personal information.

By e-mail, [email protected]
Telephone: +46 771 101099 (international Freephone number) or +46 20-51 50 10 press 9 for english. Our office hours are: Weekdays: 9 am – noon, 1 pm to 4 pm

Bjelin Sweden AB
Sibyllegatan 38
114 43 Stockholm

VAT No: SE556734307301

Conditions for delivery

Home delivery
We use local contractors or delivery companies for all of our transportation so therefore the type of delivery can vary between countries. In many countries, the contractor or delivery agent will call you for further information regarding the day and time of delivery. So therefore we always try to provide them with your telephone number.

If you have ordered goods which require different delivery times, they will be delivered by the latest of the given delivery times.

We start handling your order as soon as we have received your order, but we have the possibility of making adjustments before the delivery is shipped if your call or e-mail us immediately. All deliveries are normally delivered to the door, property or property entrance depending on the nature of the delivery address. In some markets drivers do not carry the goods into the property. If this is the case then be prepared to help unload the goods from the truck. Each package weighs around 5-20 kg. You need to plan any access to your street or entrance when you choose the delivery day as your order is normally delivered by large trucks. Deliveries are normally transported to the address using a serviceable access road.

If you have ordered goods which require different delivery times, they will be delivered by the latest of the given delivery times.

When delivering to islands that don’t have a bridge connection then extra costs may be incurred. These are agreed with the customer in respect of price, delivery time and method of delivery. On request, a delivery to an island can be made to the nearest quay with an address on the mainland. As the customer, you will then take over delivery of the goods there and then arrange further transport to the island in question. Please state if you require a direct delivery to an island when placing your order as certain items need to be packed in a certain way.

Note that certain items, such as floor accessories, are usually sent by letter post or parcel post by the nearest alternative transportation company, such as DHL or DB Schenker for example. In such cases, the package is not always delivered to the door and that as the customer, you may have to go and pick it up from the depot or post office yourself. You’ll be notified by letter or by SMS when your package is ready to be collected.

Delays to deliveries
Bear in mind to allow plenty of time when you order goods. Don’t hire a craftsman until you have checked that the right articles have been delivered and that none of them have been damaged during transportation. In your planning, you should take into consideration any delays as well as delivery errors and damage during transportation.

If the delivery time is estimated to be longer than originally stated then we will notify you by e-mail. An example of a late delivery is when a supplier is unable to fulfil his obligations to us. As a customer, you have the right to cancel the purchase for more prolonged delays. Bjelin reserves the right not to pay any compensation to the customer in the event of any delays to deliveries.

Checking your delivery
When you receive a delivery, you must check that the items are not damaged or that there are any missing items and to make a note on the delivery note/proof of delivery, which is to be signed by the driver. Have a copy of your order on hand to ensure that you have received all the items you ordered. If you cannot check the items yourself then ensure that the person who signs the delivery note checks that there are no damaged items or that there are any items missing. Do not sign the delivery note until you have checked that the packaging is intact. To make any eventual claims easier, it should be made clear on the delivery note that the item was damaged on receipt. In this case, the driver should sign the delivery note as well. If it isn’t noted on the delivery note/proof of delivery, then the delivery company cannot be held responsible for any damage or missing items and we may not be able to reimburse the damaged goods. Also, keep the original packaging for any eventual inspection.

The damaged or faulty goods must not be used. If you do so then we will assume that you, as the customer, have accepted the delivery despite the damage in transit and no new items will be sent out. Any faults to the floor due to this will not be reimbursed. If, on receiving the package, you don’t see any damage to the packaging then you should open the package within 7 (seven) days after receipt to ensure that there is no hidden damage. You must report any hidden damage within 7 (seven) days after the goods have been received. Any damage or errors discovered later than this must be reported to Bjelin as soon as possible – and within reasonable time. If you wish to make a claim then get in touch with customer services so that we can arrange for replacement items to be sent.

If you have any questions or remarks then do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will try to resolve any issues straight away.

Quality control
When you receive your order, and before the floor is installed, it is vital that you check the product is not faulty by checking the following:

  1. Is the article consistent with what you have ordered in respect of model, dimensions and pattern? If not then contact Bjelin at [email protected] so that we can correct the error.
  2. Are there any manufacturing errors, such as surface wear, markings or abnormal color variation etc.? If you discover any of these errors on opening one or two packages then you must not install the floor but get in touch with us immediately instead. Before any claim can be made on flooring, it’s very important that you don’t throw away any faulty items before this has been sanctioned by Bjelin.

NOTE!!! It’s important to note that it is the customer who is responsible for checking that the correct goods have been delivered. Within the EU, the EU’s Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83/EU) is applicable and states that a claim must be made for faulty goods as soon as possible. However, this applies to unopened packages. According to this legislation, the customer is also obliged to avoid damaging an incorrect item, and a customer cannot install a floor and then make a claim on it - an installed floor is seen as and approved floor. When returning an incorrect or faulty item, it must essentially be in its original state.

Returning goods

We offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturing errors. Any claims made against goods with manufacturing errors must be made within a period of 3 years, counting from the date the item was received. If you receive a faulty or incorrect item and in the event of goods having to be returned, then Bjelin will bear the costs for transportation. A claim cannot be made in retrospect for any clearly visible, or other obvious fault(s), which ought to have been noticed before installation.

For any issues regarding claims please call us on our international Freephone number on +46 771-10 10 99 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Incorrect items
It is important that you get in touch with us if you receive an incorrect item at [email protected]. We will then send you a goods return document so that you can return the faulty item. In any eventual dispute within the EU, Iceland or Norway then we refer you to the respective Consumer Centre. European Consumer Centres offer free consumer advice and support to EU residents who are buying goods or services from traders based in other EU countries.

Damage in transit
An item that we recognise as having been sent in error or damaged in transit is obviously exchanged or otherwise your money is returned if so desired.

Responsibility for transportation
If an item is damaged or mislaid in transit from Bjelin to the customer then Bjelin is liable. If the item is damaged or is mislaid when the customer returns it to Bjelin then the customer is liable. It is therefore extremely important that you, as the customer, send back any item(s) well-packed. The easiest way is to use the pallet that the item was originally delivered on. If you are uncertain as to how to pack any item then you are welcome to get in touch with Bjelin so that we can advise you.

Rights to return an item
You have the right to return any delivery within 14 days. If you want to return any goods then inform Bjelin in writing, by post (the address can be found at Bjelin.com) or at [email protected]. Return shipping is paid by the customer.

Information regarding any return must include the following:

  • The order number
  • The invoice number
  • The name of the product being returned and the reason for the return
This information is needed for administrative purposes.

Before you return an item, wait for customer services to provide you with a returns number and the address to return it to. The returned item must be unused and undamaged. However, this does not apply if the item has been damaged or altered due to an event which cannot be attributed to the customer. If a customer refuses to accept a delivery or lays no claim to a delivery, without informing Bjelin beforehand, then Bjelin will debit compensation for shipping and expenses at cost price.

You have the right to inspect an item.

To ascertain whether you wish to have an item then you must be able to inspect it. But if you are to be able to return an item then it must essentially be in the same state. If you have used an item or handled it in such a way that was deemed unnecessary then Bjelin may seek compensation for the reduction in value of the item. You are liable to pay the return shipping costs.

If you cancel a purchase then you must return the item to the seller within 14 days. In this event you must pay for the return shipping costs. You decide yourself how you wish to return the item. However, bear in mind that you are responsible for the item until it arrives back at Bjelin, consequently even when it is in transit.

What happens once you have cancelled?

Bjelin returns your money within 14 days at the latest.

Claims after installing the floor
A claim can take some time, therefore you should remain calm and not act hastily. Obviously, it can be frustrating if you have little time, craftsmen waiting etc. however, quick decisions can lead to errors and may end up with you having to bear all the costs yourself.

The purpose of the various steps is to clarify what the error is. Errors in an installed floor can depend either on the product or an error being made during or after the installation. Therefore, the following steps should be observed to protect everyone’s interests:

  1. A fault is discovered on a floor which has been installed. If you are installing flooring of a similar type then stop immediately. If the error relates to a plank or strip then change it for one without any faults and continue the installation.
  2. If the problem is bigger, then get in touch with Bjelin immediately by phone or by e-mail. Attach pictures and a description of the fault, as well as when and how it was discovered and how long the flooring had been installed. Stop the installation of the floor.
  3. Bjelin handles the claim. In most cases, Bjelin’s customer services can resolve the problem straight away, but if not then the claim is forwarded to one of our experts.
  4. The product specialists come back with a report or to request further information.
  5. A visit to the site is possibly arranged. It is important that the flooring is still in place. If it has been pulled up then a true assessment of the damage cannot be made. This may also mean that a claim is rejected. A new report is made.
  6. If the customer and Bjelin are not able to reach an agreement on our own inspection then an independent inspection can be arranged to come and inspect the floor. If the inspector’s report finds that there is a fault with the floor then the inspection will be paid for by Bjelin. However, if there was an error with handling before or if this was found to be undertaken incorrectly, then the customer will be debited the costs for the inspection. As a rule, the price of this is around 300-500 Euros including V.A.T., depending on where you live. It is important for the customer to be aware of this before any inspection takes place.
  7. If the inspection report finds that the floor is at fault, then Bjelin will send a new floor. If the fault has arisen through handling after delivery or when laying then a new floor will not be sent.
  8. If the parties still disagree after the independent inspector has completed his work then the matter can be referred to a Local European Centre. This is the highest authority for the claim to be referred to. Bjelin always accepts the judgement of the European Consumer Centre.

Other details

VAT Information
VAT is included in the stated prices at 25% for sales within the EU.

Privacy policy
Bjelin strives to respect and protect the customer’s personal integrity by handling any information the customer entrusts us with in a careful and responsible way. In any context where personal details or other important information is handled by Bjelin, or by anyone else acting on behalf of Bjelin, all reasonable and appropriate efforts will be taken to protect the customer’s details from unauthorized access, further dissemination, alteration or from being destroyed. Bjelin adheres to GDPR.

Fraud and bogus orders
We cooperate with the Police and report all bogus orders or fraudulent activities. Bjelin provides all the available information to help the Police with their investigation.

In any eventual dispute
In any eventual dispute, we adopt the recommendations of the European Consumer Centres.

Sales to minors
We do not enter into agreements with minors (under 18) without the consent of the guardian(s).

Force Majeure
Bjelin considers itself to be exempt from neglect in failing to fulfil certain obligations according to this agreement if the neglect is due to the exceptional circumstances stated below. This also applies if the factor prevents, hampers or delays fulfilment of these obligations.

Exceptional circumstances are, amongst other things, action or failure by an authority, new or amended legislation, conflict in the employment market, blockade, fire, flooding, sabotage or major accident. Force majeure also includes a decision made by an authority that affects the market and products negatively, for example decisions regarding warning labels, bans on sales etc. or an abnormal decline in the market.