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Woodfiber Flooring

Bjelin Woodfiber flooring is a thin floating flooring designed to get painted. Now you can achieve the feeling of an old painted plank floor on a limited budget. Treated with a transparent hardwax oil product Bjelin Woodfiber gets a more contemporary look. Bjelin´s range of Woodfiber flooring is made of a 7mm solid board of untreated High Density Fiberboard (HDF).

Solid wood fibreboard has recently gained popularity in product and interior design. The solid fiber material gives a genuine and natural feeling to objects. Bjelin couldn’t resist the opportunity to create a unique and natural product: the solid untreated woodfiber flooring. Ready to be pained, oiled or varnished according to need and desire. Shiny, matt, dark, light, red, green, opaque or transparent. The combinations are endless.

Varnish, oil or floor paint?

Bjelin Woodfiber can be treated with most products on the market, but Bjelin has picked and tested a selection of oils, varnishes and floor paints that we offer together with our floors.

Paint your flooring! Paint your flooring!
Bjelin woodfiber

Bjelin Woodfiber Plank, 6.5mm

Bjelin Woodfiber Plank is a solid board of high-density fiberboard (HDF).


Bjelin WoodFiber. Paint on the click together flooring!


For more inspiration and pictures with painted floors visit Bjelin on Pinterest.