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Innovative flooring for creative interiors

Bjelin designs, develops and manufactures a broad product portfolio consisting of both traditional wooden floors and innovative floors in new materials. The development is performed in cooperation with our sister company Välinge Innovation AB, mostly known as the inventor of the click floor. The manufacturing takes place in our own state-of-the-art factories in Sweden and northern Croatia.

Bjelin, which today has about 800 employees, with production facilities in Viken (Sweden) as well as in Bjelovar, Ogulin and Otok (Northern Croatia), are extending production capacity in Sweden and Croatia during 2018 to meet the demand for mainly broader planks of cured wood and parquet strips for herringbone installations.

The raw oak material comes from the world-famous forests of Slavonia, Croatia.

The founders of Bjelin invented the click floor in 1993 and during 1977 developed the world’s first laminate floor for Perstorp.

Bjelin Sweden AB and Välinge Innovation AB. Viken, Sweden

A sustainable company

Our production is based on simple, yet wise, principles which ensures the sustainability of our business:

  • We maximise the use of all raw material and every log. With our production systems, we can calculate the perfect way to cut the log in order to get the various sizes and shapes. Any wood that cannot be used as a surface layer for a product, is used as filling material. Nothing goes to waste.
  • Any leftover material in the production can be recycled and turned into filling material in new floorings. Thus, minimising the amount of waste whilst the amount of flooring per cubic metre of raw material is maximised.
  • We collect our raw material from responsibly managed forests where the wood is processed locally. This means that transports will be shorter and ensures local job opportunities.

Bjoorn Flooring AB now is Bjelin Sweden AB

Bjoorn Flooring was previously the company group's e-commerce company for flooring. All floor manufacturing and marketing are now consolidated under the new Bjelin brand.

Contact information

Bjelin Sweden AB, Stockholm Showroom

Sibyllegatan 38
114 43 Stockholm


Apelvägen 2
263 62 Viken

VAT No: 556734-3073

E-Mail: [email protected]