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Bjelin Flooring is the newest business unit in the Pervanovo group. Almost all major flooring companies in the world use technology developed and patented by Pervanovo's subsidiary Välinge in Sweden. The main mission of Bjelin is to commercialise new wood technology, primarily developed by Välinge and Pervanovo

Bjelin has three production sites - in Viken, Sweden and in Bjelovar and Ogulin in Croatia

A high-tech production facility will be completed in Viken during 2017. The new 20,000 m² large facility will have a production capacity of 5 million m² Woodura® and Nadura® flooring and will feature a continuous 2.1m wide Hymmen press, a Homag profiling line and a Burkle oil/lacquering line.

The Bjelovar and Ogulin plants are completely integrated. Logs from the surrounded FEC certified forests are sawn in own saw mills, dried and cut into lamellas that thereafter are processed to high quality 3-layer parquet. High quality oak logs are collected from the famous and well known forests in Slavonia that are managed by a very strict monitoring program.

All parts of the logs are used. Bark is used for heating and drying and the wood waste from the saw mill is used to produce pellets and briquette.

Bjelin Croatia has initiated an investment plan to extend the present flooring capacity from 1 to 2 million m² and to introduce new Välinge technology such as advanced locking systems, small strips for herringbone installations, new core materials for plank sized floorings and ACTIO2 surface finish. Bjelin will also produce veneer for Woodura floors. A Woodura line will be installed in Ogulin with a capacity of 3 million m²

Bjelin Sweden


Bjelin Sweden AB,
Sibyllegatan 38
114 43 Stockholm

You can also reach us at the international call free number +46 771-10 10 99 monday - friday 9 a.m. - 5 a.m. (lunch 12 a.m. - 1 p.m.) Stockholm Sweden time. To find out your local time please use the time zone converter

Apelvägen 2
263 62 Viken

Bjelin Viken


Bjelin Viken AB
Apelvägen 2
263 62 Viken

Bjelin Croatia


Bjelin d.o.o


Ogulin plant
Žegar IV/39
47 300 Ogulin
Phone: +385 47 531 045

Bjelovar plant
Slavonska cesta 17
43 000 Bjelovar
Phone: +385 43 215 200