It is now possible to click together a herringbone parquet floor without having to use nails, glue or have to grind or lacquer it.

By eliminating many of the labour-intensive steps such as gluing, nailing, grinding or surface treatment, the labouring cost can be kept down and result in a reasonable total cost for a herringbone parquet.

A wooden feeling in every style

Nature’s richness in variety offers endless possibilities for creating beautiful floors. Discover a fantastic range of wooden floors in all colours and styles – from calm and elegant to vibrant and rustic.

Bjelin herringbone parquet comes in several styles, grades and surface treatments.

Herringbone floors in many materials and sizes

In addition to a clickable herringbone parquet in a classic format, Bjelin has now also introduced hardened wooden floors in herringbone patterns. The strips come in a larger size and in a more impact-resistant material, and give a stylish and modern feeling to the room. Perfect for larger and busier areas.

To produce hardened wood, a unique production technique is used that uses the entire tree as a raw material. This is ten times more surface layer compared to traditional parquet flooring. This means that fewer trees can be taken out of the forest and you get an environmentally friendly and durable wooden floor with a fantastic wooden feel!

Carefree installation

It has never been easier to lay a herringbone parquet, or been any faster. Bjelin’s patented mechanical locking of the edges of the parquet strip makes the installation quick and easy.

Click floor for perfect result
The 5G locking system is specially designed for a safe and fast installation. Do it yourself or minimize the project time when hiring a professional. To be installed freely, floating on top of the sub flooring without nailing or gluing it down.

A herringbone parquet developed for floating installation

Bjelin’s herringbone parquet is developed in cooperation with our sister company Välinge Innovation AB, mostly known as the inventor of the click floor in the mid 1990’s. The development has been targeted towards creating a herringbone parquet that can be installed floating, which means without having to glue or nail it to the underlying surface. At the same time, it has been very important to minimize many of the problems that may appear in traditionally installed herringbone parquet such as troublesome doming effects and gaps between the strips.

Selected herringbone patterned floors

Hardened oak herringbone SKEDVI, 576 x 96 mm

Hardened oak herringbone KILA, 576 x 96 mm

Herringbone parquet BODEN