Can I install the floor on underfloor heating?

Can I install the floor on underfloor heating?

All our floors work perfectly together with underfloor heating. It is important to know that on wooden floors a surface temperature higher than 27 ° C is not allowed, this also applies under carpets and other coverings of the floor surface.

Note that when installing water-borne underfloor heating, a load bearing board may also be needed in the construction. This is to avoid the risk of deformed boards and damage to the heating system. Read the installation instructions for your floor to ensure that the installation takes place correctly. 

Bjelin recommends that you install a vapour barrier between the floor and underfloor heating for the warranty to be valid.

If there already is a vapour barrier installed in the structure, it is important not to install another vapour barrier that locks the moisture in the structure.

Recommendations for installation on underfloor heating can also vary greatly between different underfloor heating systems. Contact the manufacturer for your underfloor heating system to ensure that guidelines and recommendations are followed.