How long does it take to install herringbone parquet?

How long does it take to install herringbone parquet?

Installation time is always difficult to make a general estimate of as it depends on the layout of the room, fixtures in the room etc. But a rough estimate is that for a person who is used to installing herringbone parquet it can take about an hour per 1-2 square meters of herringbone parquet. When installing a border and feature strip the time required is further extended as it requires extra manual work. Consult with your professional installer to get the best estimated time required.

Our tip is to plan your installation by measuring the room correctly and preparing pre-cut starting triangles so you can get started with the installation faster.

The biggest advantage of Bjelin's herringbone parquet is that you never have to glue and nail down the entire floor, you also avoid sanding and surface treatment, which shortens the project time considerably.

Video for installation of herringbone can be found HERE