Wide planks of Hardened Wood 3.0

Many times stronger and more water resistant than traditional flooring

Bjelin’s wide planks are manufactured with a patented technology to cure wood and make it stronger. It’s an innovative wooden floor with a genuine wooden feel that is several times stronger than other wooden floors and utilises renewable raw materials in an optimal way.

New hardened wood range

Bjelin has launched a new range of hardened wood floors – with updated and improved colours, formats and technologies. The new 3.0 range features a brushed lacquered surface as well as a new lacquer with an improved classification of use – Class 33 – for heavy residential and commercial applications.

These new floors feature the ground-breaking technology, 5G Dry, developed in-house by Bjelin’s sister company Välinge Innovation. Offering fast, easy, and durable installation, this watertight joint also prevents liquids from seeping through the seams and damaging the sub-floor.

New sizes will also be released. In addition to our existing XL and XXL sizes, Small, Medium and Large will be launched throughout 2023.

Hardened wood 3.0 with a brushed surface

Wide lacquered planks in our hardened wood range 3.0 are available in a long-awaited brushed surface that highlights the oak's structure in an elegant way. The brushed wooden surface provides an exquisite look and is reminiscent of the structure of a natural, oiled wooden floor - but with the advantages of the lacquer, which makes the floors easier to clean and maintain.

Match the colour of the floor with the walls and textiles or create contrasts, making the home more rustic with natural grain, brushed planks.

A wooden floor adapted for everyday use

When developing Bjelin's hardened wood floors 3.0, simplicity and everyday life were important keywords.

Bjelin's hardened wood floors 3.0 feature the patented 5G Dry installation system, where the watertight joints prevent water from seeping through the seams. 5G Dry also makes the installation easy – just click the floor panels together without glue, nails or sealants.

The result is a real wooden floor that’s perfect for your kitchen, hallway or perhaps your children's room?

5G® Dry™

5G Dry is the latest innovation within floor locking technology. This unique solution was developed by Bjelin's sister company Välinge innovation, also known as the inventor of the first mechanical locking system for flooring.

5G Dry was developed to prevent water from seeping through the seams of the floor panels.

Thoroughly tested

The 5G Dry locking system has been developed to pass the ISO Topical Moisture test. During this test, the floor and joints are exposed to water for 24 hours and then 24 hours of drying. The test is often used to assess the behaviour of water in floor installations.

Our hardened wood floors 3.0 meet all the requirements of ISO 4760.

Easy to install

The 5G Dry locking system has been developed to pass the ISO Topical Moisture test. During this test, the floor and joints are exposed to water for 24 hours and then 24 hours of drying. The test is often used to assess the behaviour of water in floor installations.

Our hardened wood floors 3.0 meet all the requirements of ISO 4760.

Strong and durable

Woodura is the patented manufacturing technology that makes it possible to compress and harden wood to make it stronger. The Woodura solution is an improvement on the technology used for the manufacturing of real wood floors – and it’s as revolutionary as the 3-layer parquet was when launched in 1944 when it replaced the homogeneous wooden floor.

This technology enables thinner surface layers to be used in the production, and for ten times more flooring to be produced from the same amount of timber. The hardening process provides a much stronger surface that never needs to be sanded and this makes the floor both cost-effective and sustainable for you and our environment.


Worry-free installation with thin floors

Wide planks are usually thick, but the Woodura technology allows the floors to be wide while also very thin, just 11 mm. Therefore, you don't have to alter the doors or do any other costly renovations in your home.

A click floor for a perfect result
The 5G Dry locking system makes it easier than ever to click a floor together. Install the floor yourself or minimise the project time if hiring a professional. The floor can be installed floating on top of the subfloor without nails or glue.

Easy to reuse
If you want to change to a new floor in the future, your old Bjelin floor can easily be uninstalled and re-laid in another room – or perhaps sold onto a new home!

Smart production

To manufacture a hardened wood floor, we press a thin wooden layer together with a wood fibre core coated with a powder under high heat and pressure. The powder layer consists of wood powder, pigment and a binder. The wood powder is sourced from the waste that occurs during our production.

During the pressing, the wood layer and the wood powder are compressed at the same time as the adhesive penetrates from below. Then a hardened wood layer is formed which is reinforced with a hardened wood powder. The surface becomes many times stronger and harder. The difference is substantial compared to a traditional parquet floor where the different layers are glued together.

After hardening, the floor can be brushed, and the surface is treated in the same way that traditional parquet floors are. The result is a real wooden floor with a real wooden feel that is also stronger, more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly!


Product composition

1. Surface treatment consisting of hardwax oil or matt lacquer

2. Compressed and hardened surface layer of wood

3. Compressed and hardened wood-based powder layer

4. Wooden core of high quality moisture resistant HDF-board with hardened surfaces at the top and bottom

5. Compressed and hardened wood-based powder layer

6. Compressed and hardened balancing layer of wood

Maximize the floor space from each log

Hardened Wood is also a sustainable way to utilize the raw wood material at the maximum. By using thin layers of wood instead of thick, solid, planks, a significantly larger amount of final product can be made from every cubic meter of wood.





Transform excess material into a new floor

Sawdust  Filling material for Woodura and Nadura.

General and technical Information

Width, length and thickness
XXL: 271 x 2378 x 11 mm
XL: 206 x 2200 x 11 mm
L: 180 x 2000 x 9,2 mm
M: 151 x 2000 x 9,2 mm
S: 151 x 1170 x 9,2 mm

Daily cleaning by wiping with a dry mop/vacuum is recommended. 

Underfloor heating
Our floors work very well with a range of underfloor heating systems. For installation with underfloor heating, foil with age-resistant vapour barrier must be used, see our installation instructions for more information. 

Cutting Instructions
We recommend cutting tools with cemented carbide inserts when cutting the floorboards.

Floors of Hardened Wood are suitable for almost all rooms in homes or commercial areas that are exposed to normal wear (such as offices, waiting rooms or shops). Floors made from Hardened Wood are not suitable for wet or damp rooms (eg. bathrooms or saunas).

The subfloor must be dry, even and firm. Uneveness larger than 3 millimeters per inbound meter and 2 millimeters per additional meter must be smoothed out. The installation instructions, which accompany the product, must be followed.

A sustainable company

Our production is based on simple, yet wise, principles which ensures the sustainability of our business:

  • We maximise the use of all raw material and every log. With our production systems, we can calculate the perfect way to cut the log in order to get the various sizes and shapes. Any wood that cannot be used as a surface layer for a product, is used as filling material. Nothing goes to waste.

  • Any leftover material in the production can be recycled and turned into filling material in new floorings. Thus, minimising the amount of waste whilst the amount of flooring per cubic metre of raw material is maximised.

  • We collect our raw material from responsibly managed forests where the wood is processed locally. This means that transports will be shorter and ensures local job opportunities.

Wood harvested in sustainably managed forests
The timber for the hardened wooden floors comes from forests that have been managed and cared for in a sustainable manner based on a very strict ecological, social and economic framework.

Selected hardened wooden floors

Hardened Oak SKIVARP 3.0 XXL

Hardened Oak HASSLARP 3.0 XXL

Hardened Oak STEHAG 3.0 XXL

Hardened Oak DALBY 3.0 XXL

Hardened Oak HÖJA 3.0 XL

Hardened Oak BONNARP 3.0 XL

Hardened Oak VIARP 3.0 XL