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Shipping Status Herringbone Parquet

Delivery Status of Bjelin Herringbone Parquet


We are now receiving regular restocking of our lacquered herringbone parquet and are taking orders via bjelin.se on products which are in stock.

We regularly receive new deliveries of herringbone parquet in various versions of matt lacquer and as soon as the product is in our warehouse in Helsingborg, it will open up for sale on our Swedish site ! We are working towards refilling our stock shelves with these products to reduce delivery times and to be able to provide concrete information. 

The demand for these products has been high and the pandemic has put a damper on our manufacturing process. The current situation in Europe puts further pressure on Bjelin as a supplier and presents new challenges for our production capacity, which we are working to solve. 

Our intense work to increase capacity in our factories continues and we are expanding our production with two new factory units which are expected to be ready in 2023 and 2024.


This information is continuosly updated.