Shipping Status Herringbone Parquet

Shipping Status of Bjelin Herringbone Parquet

For the main part of this year, Bjelin has had an order stop on the entire range of herringbone parquet, as the order backlog far exceeded our production capacity. We now have a smaller availability of some of the products available again, with reservation for stock changes.

Our work to increase the capacity and start shipping the existing order backlog continues even after the summer holidays. The order stop is still in effect, but a few articles are being re-opened for order on our website again. Our ambition and goal is that during the autumn we will be able to reopen all herringbone articles for order again.

During this spring, as the first company in the world, we have launched a new type of herringbone to increase our capacity and meet the market's demand: herringbone flooring in cured wood

This information is continuosly updated.