Shipping Status Herringbone Parquet

Shipping Status of Bjelin Herringbone Parquet

Bjelin has had an extremely high demand and order intake for herringbone parquet, which unfortunately means that we currently are unable to accept any new orders for the product, as there currently are limitations to how much we can produce.

Our work to increase capacity has now begun to yield results and stock refills of the products will begin in the spring and summer. We are currently shipping the existing order backlog and the forecast indicates that we will be able to open up for new orders during the autumn of 2021.

During this spring, as the first company in the world, we have launched a new type of herringbone to increase our capacity and meet the market's demand: herringbone flooring in cured wood. For the time being, these new herringbone floors will only be sold by ordering on Bjelin's website.

This information is continuosly updated.