A blend of heritage and modernity

Tradition meets innovation at the Tygvävaren 3 project, located in Swedish Alingsås, a town rich in cultural heritage. Bjelin’s herringbone parquet STOCKHOLM and Woodura Planks NORRLIA 3.0 in sizes L and XXL have been installed in more than half the apartments.

Until the late 18th century, the property Tygvävaren 3 had only been used as cultivation land for cabbage and other crops. In 1769, the owners built a residential building in the northeast part while the rest remained as the family's garden.

In 2016, a new journey began with Åsa Eklöf, project manager at property company Plusbo, designing new apartment buildings on the property. “My vision was to create a natural timeline in the new development that would start with the original building from the late 18th century and end in the first half of the 20th century.” 

A blend of past and present

Each facet of the building, from its exterior facades to interior details, reflects a meticulous attention to historical continuity. The architectural narrative unfolds in three distinct sections, each echoing a different era. The meticulous craftsmanship, inspired by various architectural styles, breathes life into the space.

”Every section has its own unique woodwork, flooring, lighting, furnishings and intricate mirror designs on solid interior doors.”

Integral to the project was preserving the green courtyard, maintaining the essence of the original garden amidst modern construction. Åsa shares the meticulous process of relocating and reintegrating plants and trees from the old garden, ensuring that the spirit of the past thrives in a new guise.

Flooring with a ‘soft’ feel

The project required a floating installation and Åsa and her team were drawn to Bjelin's products for their soft feel, along with “the durability without sacrificing the look of a solid floorboard”. Bjelin’s hardened wood floors, Woodura Planks 3.0, are now installed in the building influenced by Neo-Renaissance while the herringbone parquet adds its classic charm to the larger apartments in Art Nouveau style.

“The herringbone parquet STOCKHOLM exuded comfort and elegance.”

Installation was a breeze, due to the innovative click system, which was praised by the craftsmen for its ease and precision. “Our skilled carpenters were delighted with the click system, both during installation and with the final stability,” says Åsa. “They want us to use your floors in future projects too!”

Varied floor sizes

Woodura Planks 3.0 in size L were used in smaller rooms while the wide XXL-planks were installed in the apartments on the third floor with sloping ceilings and an attic feel. “My aim in selecting XXL for these apartments was to create the impression that the attics were furnished later than the main building, evoking a sense studio living, with the floor resembling the wide solid floorboards often found in old, unfurnished attics.” 

Feedback from residents has been positive. While the visual appeal of the flooring leaves a lasting impression, it's the soft feel underfoot and the durability that truly resonate with new inhabitants.

As the project nears completion, spring has arrived: “buds are appearing on the apple tree that were replanted, and the bare branches of the magnolia are bursting with blossom.” Åsa Eklöf and her team have truly created a timeless masterpiece that honours the past while embracing the future.

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