A vibrant hotel experience at Clarion Hotel Draken

Clarion Hotel Draken in Gothenburg reflects contemporary elegance with its exquisite blend of contrasts and modern design. This architectural gem, where 5,600 sqm of NORRLIA 3.0 L and 200 sqm of LINDBY 3.0 XXL were installed, offers luxury and sophistication.

From the striking architecture and thoughtfully curated interiors, every aspect of this hotel reflects a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, innovation, and the spirit of Gothenburg. To achieve this, the vision for Hotel Draken was clear from the start - to craft a space where contrasts converge to form a harmonious look.

According to Olof Jörneman, Project Manager at Strawberry Hotels AB, the owners of Clarion Hotels, the aim of the hotel was to “create a meeting place for everyone, where the rough meets the refined, concrete meets brass, mountain meets velvet, and so on."

“The hotel is called Draken (Dragon in Swedish), named after the original and untouched cinema Draken, which remains in the hotel and which we operate.”

A cultural experience

The journey towards realising the vision was not without its obstacles. Situated in a locale steeped in history and culture, Hotel Draken presented unique challenges in terms of construction and preservation. However, it is precisely this rich heritage that infuses the hotel with a sense of timeless allure.

“This was a challenging place to build and establish a hotel. There was a lot of history and culture to consider.”

With a commitment to community engagement, Hotel Draken has collaborated with local institutions such as Folkteatern and the film festival to showcase art and culture within its walls. “We have received a large quantity of materials and decor from the film festival,” says Olof. This integration of local flavour adds depth and authenticity to the guest experience, fostering a sense of connection with the city’s vibrant cultural scene. 

“A light floor is easier to maintain and clean.”

Choice of flooring

Central to the hotel’s design ethos is a focus on sustainability and eco-conscious living. This is exemplified by the choice of hardened wood floors, which the company was familiar with from a previous hotel. 

“We knew Bjelin well and felt safe with the process,” says Olof. “Also, we lose income if we have to sand the floors, so it’s an advantage that these floors are surface-treated and easy to install.”

Since its completion in October 2023, Clarion Hotel Draken has garnered widespread acclaim for its impeccable design, mixing old with new, integration of local artists, and of course, the inclusion of the classic cinema, Salong Draken. 

"The hotel has had the highest occupancy in Gothenburg since the start and this continues,” says Olof. “The restaurant on the 33rd floor has a waitlist for months, so the demand is fantastic.”

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