Building a Scandinavian dream home

Influencer power couple Jens Byggmark and Michaela Delér created their dream home in the suburb of Nacka outside Stockholm, Sweden. Against the backdrop of a picturesque landscape, their newly built house represents modern elegance and timeless design.

For Jens and Michaela, selecting Bjelin flooring was a decision guided by both practicality and aesthetics. “We were primarily looking for wide planks and a floor that wasn’t too delicate,” they share. “Once we learned about Bjelin, it became an easy choice.”

Exploring flooring options

Intrigued by the concept of hardened wood flooring, the couple delved into research and visited the Stockholm showroom several times. Their journey led them to the captivating SKARSHULT flooring in the Misty White hue.

“We initially considered a much darker floor, but Misty White immediately captured our hearts.”
Jens Byggmark and Michaela Delér

Reflecting on their overarching interior style, the couple describes it as minimalist Scandinavian with warm tones throughout the house. “The flooring complements our style perfectly and serves as a key element in defining our aesthetic,” they explain.

They feel the flooring has infused their new home with a sense of tranquillity and elegance. “The wide XXL planks exude a calm and harmonious ambience, adding a touch of luxury to our space – precisely what we were searching for.”

Easy installation and eco-friendly vibes

According to the couple, the installation process was smooth, with the 5G Dry click system offering added convenience and peace of mind. “We were aware of the waterproof joints, and it definitely added to our confidence,” they say.

Sustainability was important throughout the entire construction process, making Bjelin flooring an obvious choice for Jens and Michaela: “Sustainability has been a guiding principle from the outset, so choosing Bjelin was a natural extension of that.”

The hard wax oil finish of the flooring adds warmth and provides a rich wooden sensation, with a sumptuous and inviting feel for bare feet. “Walking on the floor is a delight – it feels soft and smooth.”

“If we were to move, we’d choose the same flooring again for our next place!”

Commenting on the overall outcome, Jens and Michaela express overwhelming satisfaction. “The durability, aesthetics, and eco-friendliness make this floor the perfect choice. Since moving in, we've reiterated countless times that we made the right choice with the flooring. It truly represents our home.”

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