Bjelin flooring adds Nordic warmth to Charlottehaven

Offering fully equipped hotel apartments, Charlottehaven in Copenhagen, Denmark, underwent a recent transformation to mix modern design with Nordic warmth. Refurbishing 44 of their 81 apartments, they chose Bjelin’s hardened oak floors to achieve the desired ambience. 

"The goal was to create a more contemporary look for the apartments while maintaining that cosy, home away from home feel," explained Kristian Vøttrup, Operations Manager at Charlottehaven. "We wanted to harmonise the appearance of the older building with our newly constructed tower, which features 37 brand new, beautifully decorated apartments."
Modern and stylish bedroom in one of the apartments.
The natural hardened wood floors suit the interior perfectly.

Deciding on the ideal flooring

When asked about the reasons for choosing the GUNNESTORP floor (the equivalent of NORRLIA in the rest of the world), Kristian pointed out several key factors. "The Natural colour suited our interior design perfectly. We like the structure and how it exudes a warm and glowing vibe," he said. "We were also impressed by the surface treatment, giving the floor a natural oiled look, which we love.” Additionally, the leakproof 5G Dry floor locking technology provided extra protection, an essential aspect for hotel apartments with kitchens where spills are common.

The team was not aware of hardened wood floors when the project started. “We went to see different options, like normal wooden floors and floors made of other materials, but we then came across Bjelin’s hardened wood floors, which we are very excited about.” 

All the interiors and furniture were chosen before the floor, so it was important for the team to find a floor that matched the design. “We all believe we've achieved something that is perfect.” 

As members of the Green Key, sustainability was also vital to Charlottehaven. “The floor fits our long-term plans very well,” said Kristian. “We're not like designer hotels with plans to change the interior every three years. We want to make something that lasts. We want to use quality products and for the interior design to reflect a home.”

We have received numerous compliments from our guests regarding the interior and the floors. Many have inquired about the floor, and it has become a focal point in the rooms.
The furniture is carefully chosen and reflects modern Danish design.
Kristian Vøttrup, Operations Manager at Charlottehaven, and Henrik Ottesen, Country Manager at Bjelin Denmark

Low maintenance is key for a hotel apartment

Discussing the harmony between the floor and the overall hotel design, Kristian said: "The new floor fits perfectly, and our interior designer also fell in love with it immediately. From the tactile feel to the ease of cleaning, we are really pleased with the results."

"The ease of maintenance was key. “It's very important that a floor in a hotel apartment is easy to keep clean, and that the surface is tough,” said Kristian. “Because many different people live here, with children and pets.”

The transformation at Charlottehaven showcases a contemporary but homely design, with the hardened wood floors a perfect complement to modern Danish design. 

Charlottehaven in Copenhagen, Denmark, offers 81 fully equipped hotel apartments, plus a gym, pool, café and conference facilities.

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