Contemporary elegance at Ligne Roset and Cinna

We delve into the world of contemporary design and sustainability with Eric Rennesson, the Managing Director of Ligne Roset and Cinna in France. Eric discusses the partnership with Bjelin France and choosing hardened wood flooring NORRLIA 3.0 XXL for their showrooms.


A partnership based on shared values

The atmosphere in a Ligne Roset and Cinna showrooms exudes elegance, but they are more than just retail spaces, with different structures, lighting and paintwork. In essence, Ligne Roset and Cinna showrooms are carefully curated experiences, so when David Sarcinella, Managing Director of Bjelin France, met Eric Rennesson, they realised they shared similar values and decided to collaborate.

Speaking about the new hardened wood flooring, Eric says: “The quality of Bjelin’s floors corresponded exactly with the values of the Ligne Roset and Cinna brands, particularly in terms of environmental values, through its technical features, durability, and aesthetic appeal.”
The Ligne Roset and Cinna showroom in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris.

NORRLIA for the win

How did Bjelin's hardened wood floor NORRLIA, with its natural-looking appearance, make its way into these exclusive showrooms? Eric says: “We realised that NORRLIA flooring is a design product that perfectly matches the atmosphere of our showrooms and the products we display. The natural surface colour is good for highlighting the furniture and matches any type of colouring.”

The aesthetic, combined with the durability and sustainable features, helped Eric make the decision. “During my discussions with David, he explained this new technology, which enables us to use a minimum amount of wood from eco-managed forests that also provides good stability over time, strength and, thanks to the width and length of the planks, an attractive appearance.”

“The light finish and the width and length of the floor planks contribute to a contemporary look while retaining the warmth of wood.”

Effortless care

Eric also praises the durability of the floors: “The pro matt lacquer surface is perfectly suited for commercial spaces. To date, this floor has been installed in several showrooms, and we are entirely satisfied with both its durability and easy maintenance."

He also emphasises the importance of using long-lasting materials. “We do this with the components we use to manufacture our furniture. Our products last over time, which means they don't have to be renewed quickly, thus contributing to respect for the environment."

Positive reactions from customers

Customer feedback matters and Eric is pleased to share: “Every time we've created a space with this flooring, following a store refurbishment, our customers have been seduced by the store's new look. And we've often received positive comments on the quality of the new flooring.”

The partnership between Ligne Roset/Cinna and Bjelin France shows a successful fusion of modern elegance and sustainability. NORRLIA fits in seamlessly and has become a part of the showroom experience.

A unique exhibition with Bjelin at the showroom during Paris Design Week.

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