Designing with nature

Creativity guides innovation, especially in flooring. For Bjelin’s head of design, Emanuel Lidberg, inspiration is drawn from the raw beauty of nature. We chatted to the industry visionary who shed light on the design process, sustainability, and the future trends that will shape the flooring landscape.

"For inspiration, I look a lot at nature. Bjelin's design thinking is based on preserving or enhancing the naturalness of the raw material – real wood."
Emanuel Lidberg, Head of Design at Bjelin

A focus on innovation

Finding the right balance between aesthetics and performance is vital for flooring products. For example, Bjelin's Scandinavian-design hardened wood range is empowered by the ground-breaking Woodura technology, developed by sister company Välinge Innovation. 

“The Woodura technology that hardens the wood, making it tough and resistant to impact, created some challenges we had to overcome,” explains Emanuel, “both with regards to surface treatments and the ability to create the beautiful, brushed surface designs that we recently released.” 

Using a creative mindset and thinking outside the box, the floor that is three times stronger than engineered wood floors is now available in the toughest matt lacquer to date - suitable for commercial environments - as well as hard wax oil and the new brushed lacquer. 

Our hardened wood floors are empowered by the Woodura® technology, making them three times stronger than engineered wood floors.

Trends that shape the future of flooring 

Sustainability is key and is, therefore, embedded into every creation. "We embrace 'the whole log philosophy',” says Emanuel. “This means that each log from the forest should be used, even down to the finer sawdust particles. We have also decided not to work with exotic wood species that can endanger sensitive environments.”

So, what design trends can we expect in the future? Our designer believes that looking at faster-moving trends like fashion is great for spotting emerging trends related to colour and surface finishes, but more specifically within flooring, he predicts that the ‘nesting trend’ that blossomed during the pandemic will carry on.

“Short-term, consumers will continue to go for warmer and cosier home environments compared to the more minimalistic pre-pandemic era. Long-term, I strongly believe that the demand for products made from renewable and recyclable raw materials will grow.”

Timeless elegance 

While trends ebb and flow – such as fast-engagement products like furniture and electronics – some elements remain eternally relevant. "For flooring and interior design,” Emanuel says, “natural materials embody timeless elegance that transcends fleeting fads due to the colours, textures, and tactile qualities that maintain the natural qualities." 


Advice to homeowners and interior designers

For customers embarking on the journey of selecting flooring, our designer suggests: “Choose a floor with a suitable performance that matches the area where it will be installed, and consider the room size and the floor's grading.” 

"The final touch is the colour palette. “A lighter colour will create a sense of volume and space, and our popular transparent Misty White provides a light and natural impression.”

Nature as inspiration

Nature is a boundless source of inspiration in the creation of timeless design. Blending classic and modern styles with technology often results in durable beauty. 

Emanuel’s final advice? “This might be conservative, but we have to keep in mind that a floor is a product with a long life span. Go for sustainable materials with classic designs that won´t feel completely out-of-date in a decade or two.”

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