Enhancing home aesthetics and comfort

Artist Viktoria Qvarforth installed GRYBY 3.0 XXL flooring in her newly built home in south Sweden. The aim was to curate an environment that blended elegance with practicality.

In 2021, the house – built through Fiskarhedenvillan – was completed, and by then Viktoria and her husband had already chosen the floor. “It needed to be durable with a dog running around,” she says. “And we wanted the same floor throughout the house for a uniform look and to avoid thresholds.”

“Even as we were designing the house, the flooring was a crucial consideration.”

Known for her flair in interior design, Viktoria emphasises the compatibility of GRYBY 3.0 XXL with their decor. “This floor complements our interior perfectly,” she says. “The cooler tones align well with our neutral colours.” For Viktoria, the key lies in balancing neutral furniture with vibrant accents like textiles, plants, and other decorative elements.

A welcoming ambience

Viktoria summarises her style as “modern simplicity with added warmth”. This description encapsulates the essence of her design philosophy, which prioritises clean lines, functional spaces, and a cosy atmosphere. Hence, she chose a sleek and harmonious Select grading to avoid too many visible knots in the wood.

The Earth Grey colour also reflects the effort to create a welcoming home while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. “We chose the colour because we wanted a neutral floor that added warmth to the space.”

Opting for hardened wood flooring was a natural choice for the Qvarforths, who have extended it throughout their home except for wet areas. “It ties all the rooms together seamlessly,” Viktoria explains. “We have an open-plan layout, and the Woodura Planks 3.0 flooring enhances the flow between spaces.”

“We are pleased with the matt lacquer finish, which has proven to be durable and easy to maintain.”

The Qvarforths favoured the expansive XXL planks, explaining, “We were drawn to the widest planks for their timeless and refined aesthetic.” When prompted to encapsulate their new abode in a single word, Viktoria promptly responds with “warmth”.

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