Enriching the spa experience at Ästad Vingård

Relaxation is intertwined with discovery amidst the scenic beauty of Ästad Vingård. CEO Daniel Carlsson oversees this tranquil spot and is the creative force behind the latest addition – Sjöparken – boasting 28 new rooms with 700 sqm of hardened oak flooring.

At Ästad Vingård , guests embark on a spa journey that converges with new experiences. “The guest should get a much-needed break from everyday life while being offered new food tastes, knowledge of Swedish wine culture, and spa experiences,” Daniel shares. In Sjöparken – translated as Lake Park – each room has its own sauna and jetty, allowing guests to swim any time they want.

A unique development

Daniel’s meticulous attention to detail shines through in this recent expansion, as he personally designed the hotel rooms to reflect the essence of Ästad Vingård. Collaborating with Norm Architects , renowned for their expertise in architecture and interior design, Daniel ensured every facet of Sjöparken exudes peacefulness and harmony with nature.

“I have previously worked as a carpenter in the company and am very interested in everything related to the construction process, from design and drawings to material selection and practical construction.”
Daniel Carlsson

Drawing from years of experience in hotel and restaurant operations, he integrated design and functionality to enhance visitor satisfaction. “The goal is to maximise the guest experience while creating optimal conditions for our staff. Satisfied employees result in satisfied guests, and vice versa.”

Eco-friendly choices

Sustainability is a core value at Ästad Vingård, with every decision guided by a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint. “If we can also be environmentally conscious through our choice of flooring, the decision is easy to make,” Daniel says.

A pivotal element in creating the desired ambience was the flooring and Ästad Vingård had previously installed hardened wood flooring from Bjelin with satisfying results. For Daniel, the SKARSHULT 3.0 XXL hardened oak floor was the perfect choice since it matched the wall panelling and other oak details in the new rooms.

“We were looking for a 1-strip oak floor that matched the interior style we aimed for in Sjöparken, but it also needed to be durable.”

The choice of the hard wax oil finish further reflects Ästad Vingård's dedication to longevity and quality, although will require regular maintenance. “The lake park is still relatively new, but we probably need to oil the floors about once a quarter,” Daniel says.

Looks-wise, the hard wax oil surface aligned with the desired matt finish while the wide XXL planks were an obvious choice for the project. Daniel explains: “The wide planks provide the exclusive feeling that we think fits with the environment.”

One style, every room

With 700 square meters of hardened oak flooring in the stylish Misty White hue, Sjöparken provides a consistent and exceptional experience for its guests. “We want to offer as similar an experience as possible, regardless of which room in Sjöparken you check into.”

Guest feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive, with the floor seamlessly blending into the overall ambience. “We are pleased with the floor, which provides a beautiful and exclusive feel to the rooms,” Daniel says.

The expansion of Ästad Vingård was completed in 2023 and the nature-inspired architecture sets the stage for serenity, reflecting a commitment to excellence in hospitality. This is a sanctuary where each moment is filled with a sense of exploration and rejuvenation.

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