A new herringbone strip every four seconds

In 2014 we released the worlds first snap-together herringbone flooring made of small oak strips and now, and now 2019 we manufacture and sell the most advanced version of small parquet strip so far.

Each strip is engineered to give the flooring long lasting stability. The individual strips interlock together, connecting to each other like a jigsaw puzzle and the entire parquet floor “floats” above the subfloor or underlayment.

The engineering team behind Bjelin ́s herringbone parquet has worked hard to create a product that can be installed floating, and at the same time, minimise problems of traditional herringbone flooring such as squeaking and gap opening. The construction consists of a core of a high quality HDF with a final finish layer of oiled or laquered hardwood.

Our herringbone parquet is engineered with both installation and usage in mind. The mechanical locking system enables an efficient installation and the stable construction ensures a product that is a pleasure to own and walk on.

Our parquet floorings are developed in one the most advanced flooring facilities in the world: Välinge Production and R&D Center in Viken, Sweden and are today produced in Bjelin’s new modern parquet fabrics in Croatia.

In one year, a total of 12 million super-modern parquet strips are manufactured in our facilities. A new ready-to-install parquet strip is completed by us every four seconds. Around the clock, all year round. This makes Bjelin the world's largest producer of herringbone sticks in one year!