Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

WITH WOOD - a tribute

Wood is the world’s most versatile and moldable material. The possibilities are endless and you can create objects of all sizes and shapes. The material is also fantastic in the sense that it is constantly present and growing in our vicinity, which has made the relationship between humans and trees very strong.

BJELIN has, in collaboration with JOYN Studio, created an exhibition to pay homage to wood and its fantastic properties. In our exhibition at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, we have therefore invited a number of selected Nordic designers who, just like BJELIN, utilize wood to manufacture products.

We wanted to showcase the mix of this hand crafted art which has been created with simple means together with BJELIN’s high-tech wooden floorings which are manufactured in large volumes in the world’s most modern flooring factories.

Huge contrasts, but with the same denominator - wood.

Booth design: JOYN Studio
Photo: Erik Lefvander