The power of pink at Croisette's new HQ

At Croisette's new headquarters in Sweden, 400 sqm of creative herringbone flooring serves as the foundation for an energetic office space. The real estate advisor's HQ was officially opened in June 2023 and involved a bold interior transformation in line with the company's identity.


Per Svensson, CEO and Founder of Croisette, believes that pink symbolises that ‘everything is possible’ and this is reflected in the company’s brand. Discussing the incorporation of pink in the new HQ’s flooring, he says: "Classic elements such as wood and herringbone are extremely beautiful, and although herringbone flooring can be seen as traditional, with the addition of a colour that stands out, it reflects who we are in the real estate industry."

The decision to use herringbone flooring over conventional wooden planks was driven by the desire to create a unique and inspiring workspace. Per sees the office as a place that should provide energy and job satisfaction but also contributes to cohesion and brand building. The goal was for visitors to leave with a lasting impression.

"As a visitor, you should never forget the office you have been to, to the extent that you will tell your friends about the office, and us."

The art of crafting a unique space

Croisette's commitment to long-term thinking, high performance and innovation is reflected in the new office environment. Recycled furniture, thoughtful design, and the bold infusion of pink throughout the space contribute to a stunning and productive atmosphere.

The creative process behind this transformation involved working with architecture firm Tengbom. “Croisette’s brand colour is bright pink and this needed to be mirrored in the interiors,” says Katya Högberg, Tengbom Architect. “We conducted a workshop in which we invited the Croisette team to envision who they would be and used our client colab strategy to map out their desired ambience for the office.”

Reflecting on this, Per says: "It was an extremely fun process where we created a personalised identity that would mimic our brand. Based on this, Tengbom started sketching and came up with a concept. 'Power Pink Please' was the result."

The decision to work with the untreated herringbone floor allowed for a wide range of colour choices and the result is a floor featuring six different shades, three of which are various pink tones. The nuances of pink in the interior and on the floor have been a hit with both employees and visitors.

A dynamic atmosphere

Croisette's new office environment has not only been an internal success but has also garnered positive reactions from customers. The space is designed to host internal and external events in parallel with work, creating a vibrant ambience. In line with the theme, pink jackets are lined up in the hallway, ready to be worn by anyone looking to blend in. A member of staff passing through the office says: “I didn’t like pink before, but now I’ve even started buying pink clothes. This space is fun and happy.”

“You do feel happy when you arrive here,” says Nicole Anderberg, Event Manager & Marketing Coordinator who project managed the office move. “Our previous office was not as pink, but new and existing offices now want the same look and feel that we have. I also like that the herringbone floors extend up the wall.” 

”I was sceptical of the pink at first, but now I love working in this environment. It just feels better and better.”

Per sums up his first impression of the new office space. "Wow was probably the spontaneous first feeling," he says and smiles. With a bold choice of herringbone flooring, an array of pinks, and a commitment to sustainable and innovative design, Croisette's new headquarters in Sweden is an inspiring workspace. The pinks leave a truly lasting impression and employees are clearly embracing the power colour. 

Croisette Real Estate Partner is an expansive and innovative advisor representing progressive customers in the real estate industry. The company has offices across Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Finland, with the global headquarters in Malmö, and is a partner of global real estate advisor Knight Frank.

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