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Flooring of royal proportions

A ball at the castle wouldn't be the same without a practical yet stylish herringbone parquet floor to waltz on.

Torreby Castle in Munkedal was erected in 1887 by squire Nils Georg Sörensen. Built as a summer palace in the romantic neo-Gothic style, both the castle and the surrounding park were inspired by the English aesthetic ideals of the time. Back in the day, greats such as Greta Garbo and the Princes of Monaco were seen twirling on the dancefloor. 

A recent major renovation has transformed Torreby Castle into a venue for conferences, weddings and events. An attractive element being the surrounding golf course, of course.

When bringing the halls into modern times, it was important to maintain their grand style, so a dark herringbone parquet floor from Bjelin was fitted, with the latest click-lock technology. Meaning that creaky, cracking and uneven flooring are now a thing of the past. The new and beautiful herringbone parquet floor from Bjelin beckons you for a dance... for many years to come! 

In picture: Herringbone parquet SANDVIKEN

Creaky, cracking and uneven flooring are now a thing of the past

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