Hardened Oak HASSLARP 3.0 XL

Hardened wood Oak Nature Pro Matt lacquer Misty White Plank High XL 30 years

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A sophisticated and durable floor

Hasslarp is a clean-looking, matt-lacquered hardened wood floor in a timeless Nordic style. The Misty White shade brings sophistication to a room, creating a sense of space, and the Nature grading provides depth to the floor design. Made from FSC-certified European oak, this class 33 product is extremely durable and ideal for busy spaces like hotels, shops, offices and cafés – or a heavily trafficked area of your home. The matt lacquered finish makes the floor easy to maintain while protecting it from stains.

The perfect flooring solution for…

A stylish-looking hotel, office, shop or home where the floor can assist in making the rooms feel spacious. Misty White offers an air of elegance and is the perfect backdrop for modern design.

A sustainable choice

Sustainability is at the core of Bjelin’s values. Using the ground-breaking Woodura technology from sister company Välinge Innovation, our hardened wood floors process squeezes out every grain of goodness from each oak, walnut, or ash tree. This results in up to 10 times more flooring from the same amount of timber, with all waste recycled to create new wood powder.

High-tech features

All Bjelin’s hardened wood floors use patented technology from Välinge Innovation:

  • Woodura – a sustainable solution that creates a floor that’s three times as hard and durable, heating and pressing wood and wood-powder layers together.
  • Waterproof 5G Dry solution – fast & easy to install, plus prevents leaks through the seams.
  • Compatible with 5G Climb – to make your floor climb the walls.
  • Compositek – the highly water-resistant core in our hardened wood floors.

Easy installation

The 5G Dry floor locking system is well-known for providing the easiest, fastest, and most reliable installation. No tools, glue or nails are needed – just click the pieces together.



Type of floor: Hardened wood
Type of wood: Oak
Grading: Nature
Surface finishing: Pro Matt lacquer
Staining: Misty White
Light/dark: Light
Pattern: Plank
Locking system: Välinge 5G® Dry™
Core: HDF


Format: XL
Width: 206 mm
Width: 8.1” (ISO 24337)
Length: 2200 mm
Length: 86.6” (ISO 24337)
Thickness: 11 mm
Thickness: .445" (ASTM F387)
Thickness of wear layer: 0,6 mm
Thickness of wear layer: .02” (ASTM F410)
Weight per m²: 24 lbs
Thickness swelling: <10% (5% typical) (EN 14354)


Quantity in box: 4 pcs
m² / box: 1,81 m²
sq.ft per box: 19.51 sqft
m² per pallet: 87 m²
sq.ft per pallet: 937 sqft
Weight per m²: 11 kg
Weight per box: 20 kg
Weight per box: 44.3 lbs

Classification and safety

Water resistance: High
Fire Resistance: Bfl-S1 (hardly flammable) (EN 13501)
Thermal conductivity: 0,16 W/(m*K)(EN 12664)
Thermal resistance: 0.07 m²K/W (EN 12667)
Formaldehyde emission: E1 <=0.1 ppm (typical value <= 0.05 ppm) (EN 717-1)
Brinell hardness: 10 HB (average value)(EN 1534)
Impact resistance: EC3 (EN 14354)
Wear resistance: > 6000 cycles (EN 14354)
Slip resistance (USRV): 40 (CEN//TS 15676)
CE Marked: Yes
Limited warranty (public environment): 30 years
Limited warranty (home environment): 30 years
Level of use domestic: Class heavy Residential (Class 23) (EN ISO 10874)
Level of use commercial: Class heavy commercial (Class 33) (EN ISO 10874)


Supports Underfloor Heating: Yes
FSC Mix (DNV-COC-001679)
Class heavy commercial (Class 33)
5G® Dry™
Cured wood floor