Bjelin becomes Europe’s largest manufacturer of oak veneer with the acquisition of Croatian Spacva

2021-06-02 | pressrelease

Bjelin’s parent company Pervanovo Invest AB, headquartered in Viken in southern Sweden, together with subsidiaries in Croatia has acquired 98 per cent of the shares in Zagreb-listed company Spacva. Based in Vinkovci, close to the forests where the raw material grows, Spacva manufactures oak veneer for high quality flooring. With the purchase, Pervanovo secures supply of the highly sought oak raw material which is one of the main components in a Bjelin floor.

- Oak is a scarce resource and with the acquisition, we will increase the supply of oak in our manufacturing with 100 per cent. Our latest revolutionary innovation is the new Woodura technology which allows us to manufacture as much as 10 times the normal amount of cured flooring from one oak log compared to more traditional production technology. By acquiring Spacva, we secure the supply of oak veneer and become Europe’s leading wooden flooring manufacturer with a production of over 20 million square meters of flooring, says Darko Pervan, CEO, Pervanovo Invest AB. 

Spacva will be delisted from Zagreb Stock Exchange and the new company name will be Bjelin Spacva. An additional 850 employees will be added to the workforce and the company group will subsequently become one of Europe’s largest manufacturer of oak veneer. The company group with Pervanovo at its helm will after the acquisition become Croatia’s largest manufacturer of processed wood materials with a total of 1 700 employees spread out over five production facilities in Croatia. Viken, in southern Sweden will continue to host one production plant.

The two Croatian veneer manufacturer Bjelin Otok and Bjelin Spacva are situated in the vicinity of Europes largest oak forest, the Spacva forest. Together they represent a production capacity of 25 million square meter oak veneer. The company group that includes Bjelin is thereby, Europes biggest producer of high quality and FSC certified oak veneer for the flooring- and furniture industries. 

Most of our oak veneer comes from the production unit Bjelin Otok in Croatia. The veneer made from the oak stocks in the Spacva forest is perfectly suited for the manufacturing of the tall wide planks that we use in Bjelins hardened wooden floors. The quality is guaranteed by FSC - a sustainability certificate that is very appreciated by our customers, says Zoran Mihajlovic CEO Bjelin Sweden AB.

The major part of the oak veneer will be used for the production of Bjelins hardned wood flooring range, at Viken in Sweden and at Ogulin in Croatia by using the patented Woodura-technology developed by Välinge Innovation.

”The raw oak material can be refined more effectively by coordinating our five production facilities in Croatia. Our veneer works in Vinkovci and Otok refines 90 per cent of all veneer logs felled in the Spacva forest. Short distances between the raw materials and the production facilities cuts costs, increases the quality of the finished goods and minimizes the environmental impact. Substantial investments will be made in both veneer works in order to adapt the veneer to the production of cured wooden flooring manufactured according to Välinge Innovations patented Woodura technology, says Stjepan Vojnic CEO Pervanovo Croatia.”

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