Bjelin sells rigid core products in the US via Revolution Mills

Bjelin's rigid core flooring.
2024-01-03 | pressrelease

Bjelin’s rigid core range has taken the US by storm after being debuted in collaboration with Revolution Mills, designating the flooring manufacturer as a national distribution partner for this line. Empowered by ground-breaking technologies, Bjelin’s rigid core range is the ultimate waterproof flooring solution and is more sustainable than traditional options.

“Revolution Mills was launched in 2016 and has grown at a rapid pace,” said Zach Adams, Bjelin’s General Manager for the US. “We are thrilled to have launched our high-performing rigid core range through Revolution Mills and welcome this collaboration. The partnership is a testament to our growth in the US.”

Revolution Mills is an innovative flooring manufacturer providing residential carpets, SPC and carpet tiles. With its headquarters in North Carolina, the family-owned company has a long history of promoting new innovation. 

“We have always been early adopters of new technology,” said Zach Kennedy, Managing Partner at Revolution Mills. “We built all our products around performance and believe Liteback and 5G Dry are the best innovations in SPC in a long time. Consumers are choosing hard surface products more and more throughout the home and we trust that Välinge and Bjelin will always have the latest and best innovations, no matter which hard surface category.”

Bjelin’s Scandinavian-designed rigid core collection features Embossing in Register (EIR) for a luxurious wood look, and by incorporating the revolutionising Liteback technology by Bjelin’s sister company Välinge Innovation, it is lighter, easier to handle and more sound-absorbent. By reducing material from the backside of the stone plastic composite (SPC) flooring panels, they are up to 20% lighter, which makes it the sustainable choice that contributes to lower CO2 emissions through decreased material consumption and improved transport efficiency.

The same method that minimises the weight of the flooring also improves its sound-reducing properties, which directly lowers radiated walking sounds in the same room by as much as 44% and limits impact noise between floors of multi-level buildings.

For the ultimate waterproof flooring solution, this product is empowered by the leakproof 5G Dry floor locking technology, which not only ensures a quick installation but also features watertight joints that prevent water from seeping between the panels and damaging the subfloor.

Bjelin looks forward to sharing more news as the company continues to grow its business. 

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