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2023-04-03 | pressrelease

Bjelin has launched a new range of hardened wood floors – with updated and improved colours, formats and technologies. The company has entered an exciting phase of growth and has expanded into new markets with more products to be launched throughout the year.

The new hardened wood 3.0 floor range features enhanced designs, a brushed lacquered surface as well as a new lacquer with an improved classification of use – Class 33 – for heavy residential and commercial applications. These new floors will also incorporate the ground-breaking technology, 5G Dry, developed in-house by Bjelin’s sister company Välinge Innovation. This is a water-resistant floor locking system that means a fast, easy, and durable installation with a watertight joint.

“We’re thrilled to be launching our new range,” said Hannes Lindblom, Sales & Marketing Director at Bjelin. “We’re always pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and will continue to focus on innovation and sustainability. We have developed these products with the customers’ evolving needs in mind.”

New for the hardened wood 3.0 collection is also the size of the floor panels. A Medium size will be released in April, with Small and Large to follow later in the year. These smaller sizes make the floor panels easier to handle, the wood used can be maximised, and customers can be more creative with their floor patterns. The popular, existing XL and XXL sizes will continue to be available.

Bjelin’s famous hardened wood floors feature the patented Woodura technology, which is a high-quality way to produce more sustainable real wood floors. With this technology, ten times more product can be produced from the same amount of timber while making the floors up to three times as strong as traditional wood floors. It’s a win for the customer and the environment.

Bjelin looks forward to sharing more news as the company continues to grow its business.

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Ellinor Persson

Ellinor Persson

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