Bjelin Hardened Wood wins Best Overall Product Award at TISE 2023

2023-02-09 | pressrelease

Bjelin Hardened Wood won an Award for the Commercial range 33 at The International Surface Event (TISE) 2023. Featuring the innovative technologies 5G Dry and Woodura from Bjelin's sister company Välinge Innovation, the sustainable Hardened Wood Commercial series was awarded Best Overall Product.

“Quality is key for Bjelin Hardened Wood, using a high standard of wooden floor products combined with advanced technologies,” said Zach Adams, General Manager of Välinge North America. “It is therefore an honor that we have been recognized with this prestigious award.”

The ‘Best of Awards’ is held annually at the well-known and widely recognized TISE in Las Vegas, with the industry and attendees voting on the best products.

Commercial areas demand unique requirements and traditionally it’s been a question of form rather than function — but not anymore. The Hardened Wood Class 33 range from Bjelin is proof that a beautiful real wood floor can be perfectly suitable even for a heavily trafficked area. With the advanced technology from Välinge Innovation, it’s now possible to achieve the perfect foundation for your business, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, café or boutique, without having to make any compromises.

“Our patented technologies bring major advantages to any floor. You are now able to get a wooden product with a significantly higher level of waterproofness. 5G Dry is a completely leak-proof floor locking system and the Woodura technology creates a more water-resistant surface. This method also makes the wood panels several times stronger, more scratch- and impact resistant and more durable than any traditional option. This means you’ll get a premium quality floor that even when placed in a commercial area will be low-maintenance and worry-free,” said Per Nygren, Executive Vice President, Välinge Innovation.

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